Characteristics of the data center

beCloud data center is the only Tier III modular data center in Belarus
Certificates of RDCs
  • Uptime Institute Tier III: Design Documents 2015, Constructed Facility 2016;
  • Tier III Operational Sustainability — статус Gold;
  • PCI DSS (annually).
Characteristics of the data center
    • Two independent FOCL;
    • N+1 redundancy;
    • Level of availability (SLA) – 99.982%;
    • Area of machine halls – 3200 square meters;
    • Machine halls – 3200 square meters;
    • Capacity – more than 600 racks;
    • Uninterrupted power supply of IT equipment;
    • Operable power supply of IT equipment;
    • Power consumption of 7,2 MW;
    • Operating power of 7,2 MW;
    • Two 2.5 MW diesel generators for autonomous operation for 72 hours;
    • Automatic fire extinguishing system


    • 24-hour security: own staff and paramilitary unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
    • Multilevel access of employees and clients to the territory of beCloud and to the machine hall;
    • Security alarm system with motion sensors and vibration cable;
    • Video surveillance throughout the facility and indoors


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