Hyperconverged vStack platform - a single enterprise-level solution for virtualisation management

Access from any device without configuration
Deployment in 10 minutes
SLA 99,9%
15 years of expertise in the market

The key idea behind vStack is to create a fully managed Enterprise-level virtual data centre based on standard server hardware

This is a more affordable but no less productive alternative to converged solutions. Combining networking, storage and compute in a single platform offers a number of advantages when building an IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure

For business

- Optimisation of equipment costs
- Reduction of IT staffing costs
- No dependence on hardware vendor
- Choice of subscription or permanent licence

For IT

- Simpler IT infrastructure
- Fast scaling and recovery
- High cluster performance
- Significantly lower consumption of data centre resources

For the industry

- A visionary solution for the industry
- Installations around the world

Usage scenarios


Backup site

Software development and testing environment

Low-cost reserve resources for operations

Building a public cloud

Creating an enterprise cloud

Who the vStack platform is for

– Service providers
– E-commerc
– SaaS vendors
– Development companies
– Educational institutions

– Fintech, banks
– Industrial companies
– GameDev
– Streaming services
– Retail

Our customers

Hyperconverged vStack platform.
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What is hyperconvergence

A hyperconverged infrastructure is a software-defined IT infrastructure that integrates:

Role SDC (Software Defined Computing)

Software-defined computing resources

SDN (Software Defined Networking)

Software-defined network

Role SDS (Software Defined Storage)

Software-defined storage system (SDS)

In contrast, a hyperconverged approach to creating an IT infrastructure can significantly simplify it by consolidating all major roles into a single cluster, and reduce the cost of equipment, support and data centre resources. for equipment, support and data centre resources
The classic IT infrastructure is called converged infrastructure. It involves a large number of devices with dedicated roles such as data storage, computing, networking, etc. Supporting a converged IT infrastructure requires a staff of skilled professionals, significant data centre resources and equipment costs

All vStack-based IT infrastructure modules and components are configured and administered in a single control panel

Our customers
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